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Weekend On-Call Maintenance Technician


The Wooten Company LLC is actively seeking a qualified professional to join our maintenance team as our weekend on-call Maintenance Technician.

It is a salaried position starting at $36,000 a year with approximately 65 hours per week. Please note that on-call availability and actual work hours will vary based on demand. The weekend on-call Maintenance Technician's duties and responsibilities may also include routine maintenance on site work.

On call time begins: Friday at 5 pm and ends Monday at 8 am

  • The qualified candidate will be off every week from Monday at 10 am to Friday ending at 5 pm.

  • Monday shifts have a two-hour period scheduled for possible meetings and supervisor updates as needed from 8 am to 10 am.

  • The weekend on-call Maintenance Technician is on-call for any holiday that happens to fall on the candidates scheduled weekend.

Candidate will have 2 weekends off per year

  • Time off will increase in longevity following The Wooten Company, LLC’s guidelines

There will be 3 maintenance technicians on-call for each weekend.

  • 2 permanent and 1 rotating technician will be scheduled. These 3 will rotate all on-call coverage for the non-grouped properties of The Wooten Company, LLC.

Weekend On-Call Qualified person must be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Electrical

    • Have an electrical meter and know how to use it

    • Diagnose electrical shorts

  • HVAC

    • Replace a fan motor, Contactor, Capacitor, replace filters, replace thermostat

    • Clear condensation drains

  • Plumbing

    • Remove and replace a shower cartridge

    • Test hot water heater, replace thermostat, replace hot water tank, replace heating elements

    • Replace garbage disposal

    • Install faucets, replace shut offs, repair waste lines, repair supply lines

    • Snake a clogged drain

    • Replace toilet and/or toilet flanges

  • Pools

    • Change sand in filter

    • Repair lateral lines, spider gasket

    • Know chemicals needed and delivery process. Test and log chemical levels daily

  • Make readies

    • To company standard

    • Complete make ready check list

  • Proficient in documenting and closing service requests

  • Place orders for material on tablet

  • Keep shop organized and stocked

  • Direct, train, and assist staff on property

  • Exceptional performance and regular attendance are appreciated and generously rewarded!


  • 401(k)

  • Dental insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Vision insurance


Pay scale is subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances and is to be set by Senior Management. Position may be adjusted from Hourly to Salary.

All Job Requirements are subject to changes and are not limited to descriptions above.


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $36,000.00 per year

Driver's License (Required)

Reliable commute (Required)


We have lots of properties in our portfolio, we may just have something waiting for you!

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The Wooten Company, LLC offers a competitive benefits package which includes Health, Dental, and 401K.

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The Wooten Company, LLC is a Equal Opportunity Employer.